Do you have an important interview coming up and do not know what to expect and what to prepare for? Has your winning resume won you the first interview, but you do not know how to assure yourself a second one? What could make you stand out from the rest of the applicants?


Job interviews vary from routine conversations to complex organizational panels. Depending on your professional background, the job position and level to which you are applying, an interview could be the biggest milestone in getting yourself hired. From basic behavioral techniques to ensuring you give the correct answers and best first impressions, SoftHRskills offers you a comprehensive guide to interview techniques and a personalized scheme of what to expect, depending on the job profile you are being interviewed for. 

This service offers:

  • General interview techniques queries, tips and basic advice 

  • An interview questionnaire with the top questions asked, to help you prepare from the comfort of your home/office

  • Personalized advice on what to expect at the interview and how to sell yourself in a specific professional field

  • Answers to any other questions you may have

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