At any stage in your professional life you may experience the need or urge to follow a new career path, take that leap or next step in your career, or relocate abroad in pursuit of better opportunities.

If your job no longer satisfies you and you never seem to achieve the results you are aiming for, the problem does not necessary begin with you. Organizational structures, methods of work, interpersonal relationships and cross-cultural issues are strong factors in most working environments. 

Change is never an easy process, and whether the change is a new job or a new country, it can be a rather difficult experience owing to numerous cultural and situational factors.

SoftHRskills provides you with consultations on what improvements you could make in your current career, suggests additional fields of expertise you might look into, and supplies advice on general career issues. We also assist individuals relocating to Europe and Italy with specific consultations about what these job markets offer, what to expect, and how and where to look for new job opportunities.

This service offers:

  • Guidance on current career paths and ways to improve them

  • Preparation of a personalized Career Assessment report

  • Guidance on relocation and new job searching

  • General information and consultation on job searching

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