SOFTHRSKILLS is an online consulting company that provides professional resume writing services and consultations on career development issues to Italy’s vast international community of expats and newcomers. 



  • Review and upgrading of your CV
  • Translate CV from Italian/Spanish to English 
  • Guidance on how to present your credentials


  • General interview techniques queries

  • Coaching on how to answer top interview questions 

  • Personalized advice on what to expect from an interview


  • Preparation of a personalized Career Assessment report

  • Guidance on new job search

SoftHRskills ultimate goal is to help any individual – whether relocating to Europe for a career change or simply dealing with daily HR issues – to find the best and easiest solution for climbing the career ladder of any job sector. ​

We at SoftHRskills believe that the center of any human resource management is the individual with his/her unique capacities to acquire new skills, grow professionally and contribute strategically to a constantly expanding job market. 

We believe that in the continuous battle for talents in international job markets many individuals remain unnoticed or are erroneously recruited. Why does this happen? Because they lack the right combination of resume-writing skills, self-marketing and knowledge of the secrets behind the plethora of job advertisements.

Our work focuses on enhancing the hidden potential in any individual, by writing a resume in which your credentials become the actors for the interviews you have been aiming at. We give you a personalized advice on how to improve your resume, which career path would be best for you, how to apply for international jobs and how best to market yourself among potential employers. 


Could you be the next talent to be discovered?